Cloud hosting

Our SSD (solid state drive) is faster in writing and reading than a reculare Hard drive (HDD). In combination with the newest cloud techniques, Merwin Online has created one of the fastest hostings systems in the world.

Special for the bigger customers, we offer a own VPS (virtual private server) that is part of our cloud network. Like this, expanding is easier than with a recular dedicate server.

You can host your SSD cloud VPS in the following locations:  New York (U.S.A), Amsterdam, (NL), San Francisco (U.S.A) and Londen (UK). All our VPS will run on CentOs 6.5 and has there own ip-address (ipv4). We all so include a backup service so you will never lose your data.

We have the following packs and options:

Silver SSD hosting
1 GB singel core, 30 GB SSD, 2 TB, SSH, ip-adres (ipv4)

Gold SSD hosting
2 GB duo core, 40 GB SSD, 3 TB, SSH, ip-adres (ipv4)

Platinum SSD hosting
4 GB duo core, 60 GB SSD, 4 TB, SSH, ip-adres (ipv4)

Grafeen SSD hosting
8 GB Quatro core, 80 GB SSD, 5 TB, SSH, ip-adres (ipv4)

Please contact us if you like a bigger VPS. If you like to pre-install software to your VPS, please let us know by filling in our contactform. If we need to buy any licenties, we will bill you at the first invoice.


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