All the hosting packs contain the Merwin Online CMS and are connected to the same SSD cloud servers of Merwin Online. All our servers are equipt with SSD's (Solid State Drives) that transport information very fast, which will help to download quicker and will improve response times of your gameserver to regular standards for servers today.

Silver hosting (shared)
50 MB
1024 MB
€ 4,99
Gold hosting (shared)
150 MB
3 GB
€ 7,50
Platinum hosting (shared)
300 MB
5 GB
€ 12,50
Grafeen hosting (shared)
500 MB
15 GB
€ 15,00
Silver shop hosting
300 MB
10 GB
€ 21,50
Gold shop hosting
500 MB
15 GB
€ 24,95
Platinum shop hosting
1024 MB
25 GB
€ 29,95
Grafeen shop hosting
2 GB
50 GB
€ 39,95
Silver SSD cloud hosting (excl. Merwin CMS)
2 GB
3 TB
€ 39,95
Gold SSD cloud hosting (excl. Merwin CMS)
4 GB
4 TB
€ 69,95
Platinum SSD cloud hosting (excl. Merwin CMS)
8 GB
5 TB
€ 129,95
Grafeen SSD cloud hosting (excl. Merwin CMS)
16 GB
6 TB
€ 225,95

The SSD cloudhosting packs are provided with their own ip-adres (ipv4). Here you will find more information about our SSD cloud hosting packs.


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