How it works

Merwin Online stnds for accuracy and quality. You only pay for what you actually use. This way, we keep the response times very fast and all costs very low. We achieve this by working with modules.

Modules are the building bricks of your website. From small websites to large multi online platforms, you can use it all. The benefits of modules is that you can start of on a small scale and can expand to a larger scale over the course of time by adding more modules. 

Modules also allow you to easily organize your pages and their content. Enhance your pages with modules like the mediacentre, that enables you to upload photos and videos. Design your websites with modules like sleeves and fonts and easily ad buttons and forms. All of these are modules that allow you to completely control the look and functions of your website.


What is Merwin Online?

Creative results that click

Merwin Online focuses on developing, creating and hosting websites for the creative industry.
Make use of our ready-made solutions.
This allows you to create a website yourself within a short amount of time and for a reasonable price.

We are here to translate your creative
vision to the best possible outcome.