Do it yourself

Here you find an overview of all options for starting your website. Merwin Online works with an unique assembly system that allows you to create your ideal website. In only a few steps, you can simply specify all the desired components.

Have you made a ion of the components that you want? Then you can use a sleeve (template) to make it work! Our Sleeves enable you to create your first website within a specific layout.

What distinguishes Merwin Online from all other webservers and hosts, is that you can use our software and also at the same time host your website at Merwin Online, which guaranties an uptime of 99.9%, and of high quality service. Your website will be saved on one of the SSD (sold state drives) in the cloud network of Merwin Online. So your website will be one of the fastes.

Merwin Online has a monthly and an annual payment plan. Clicks here to see the latest price overview.

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What is Merwin Online?

Creative results that click

Merwin Online focuses on developing, creating and hosting websites for the creative industry.
Make use of our ready-made solutions.
This allows you to create a website yourself within a short amount of time and for a reasonable price.

We are here to translate your creative
vision to the best possible outcome.