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Since May of 2015, we offer a junction to . Due to this junction we are able to not only optimalize image to the Google standards (in order to improve your SEO), but also to maintain the metadata of your images.

This junction is an extension to the already existing free junction called ''Mediacenter'' en costs only  €3,= per month. With this junction you can optimalize a unlimited amount of images en it provides you with 5 different types of image sizes to use; You''ll get the standard {thumb} size and {image} tags, and also the {original} size of the image, as well as a {medium} sized image (600px) and a {small} sizes image (300px).

You can switch on the module by clicking on ''my modules'' in the cms menu ''Modules''. If you've got a question, please let us know. You can send your questions to our ticketsystem.


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